Brand Share Booth


Snap a Pic: Place the Brand Share kiosk in your business and tell your customers to tag their Instagram and Twitter photos with the unique hashtag we will give to you. You have the choice of having the kiosk customized with graphics and logos unique to your brand.

Tag It: The Brand Share kiosk will display all photos tagged with your unique hashtag. After customers upload their images, they can use the kiosk to find their photos and select them to be printed. Each photo will contain the username of the person who uploaded it along with the caption and other users who have ‘liked’ it.  The photo print outs can also be customized with graphics and logos unique to your brand.

Print It Out: Customers can collect their photos from the print out slot on the kiosk.

Step 1. Take a Pic.
Consumers at your event take a picture with their phone.

Step 2. Hashtag it.
They post it to Instagram or Twitter and use the unique hashtag for your brand.

Step 3. Print it out.
Their photo prints out of the Brand Share kiosk at your event on a branded printout.