UpLighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of any given space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward. This method of lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event space. It can add color to a neutral surface, such as a wall or column.

UpLighting can also be used to make the room appear taller by accenting any existing vertical lines, and creating new ones. Another function of UpLighting is to highlight any inherent architectural features of the room such as columns and alcoves. By carefully selecting the placement and focus of our lighting fixtures, we can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow, welcoming your guests inside.

If you want your event space to radiate elegance and sophistication, UpLighting is the way to go.

Wedding Monogram

Do you want something different at your wedding? What about having a wedding monogram – your name or initials in lights at your wedding venue. We can project the wedding monogram on your dance floor or walls in your wedding venue.

Your names or initials and your wedding date in variety of designs, can be etched on a glass gobo and projected at your wedding on the dance floor or anywhere you want it. Best of all as its a one-off design, we will give you the gobo after your wedding to keep forever as a memento of your big day.

Sparkular Fountains

The latest feature enhancement offering, Indoor Sparkular Fountain. Imagine your grand entrance, your first dance or your packed dance floor complimented by a beautiful display of cold sparks that do not produce smoke, are non toxic, nonflammable, and add a dramatic WOW factor.

Have up to 6 total fixtures ignite during your milestone moment to add a bit of visual awesome. If you are interested in learning more about our approved use indoor cold spark firework displays, please give us a call!